A Much Better Way to Live Forever

by Annika, age 9


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must lie to get out of trouble, afterwards you normally feel guilty for what you did. But when you are a ninety-two-year-old woman or an eighty-nine-year-old man in a small jail cell for catnapping, then you don’t feel guilty, you feel exhilarated. Carla, a ninety-two-year-old woman was always the first one to break the silence when they were waiting in jail. “So daughter, have you read any good books lately?”

“Mom! You have got to stop getting yourself into jail.”


“No. No buts this time.”

“Wait you haven’t heard what we did this time,” Timmy, an eighty-nine-year-old man snickered loudly then continued, “Well…we got a cat…took him inside…and gave him a bath,” he said

“And how are you in trouble for that?” She put her hands on her hips.

Carla laughed loudly. “He was our neighbor’s cat,” she said through many exaggerated laughs.


“I know, I know. I’m sorry. Now can you get us out,” she said her inside joke loudly to Timmy, “JAILBREAK!”

“Fine, but this is the last time,” Carla’s daughter said, rolling her eyes.

Timmy and Carla were very close, they shared a lot of laughs, he was even almost about to propose, well until he died.

She was one-hundred-four and he was ninety-nine. Ever since then she was not the same. She never got into jail anymore, or even smiled. When she turned three-hundred-and-eighty-two, no one was around to celebrate, they were all dead.

On the day of her four-hundred-second birthday she met a mysterious man, he wore a red hat and looked disgusted at her. It was then when she looked down at her ripped open dirty brown shoes, her faded jean shorts, her hairy legs, her now disgusting flower T-shirt, and the tips of her dirty, messy, gray hair. She blushed and ran home, realizing how sexy he was. She decided she had to clean herself up.

Once she did she went back to the store where she had met the handsome man. To her surprise he was there and looking for her. “Excuse me were you at the mall yesterday around here, and if so are you Carla?” He said to her in a British accent that reminded her so much of Timmy. So much that it almost made her break out in tears right on the spot, that reminded her so much of Timmy that she wanted to plug her ears, so much that the only thing keeping all of that in was the fact that if she went to jail for scaring him it would only remind her more of her dead friend.

“Yes, and yes. I had a feeling I would see you here, and that I would enjoy seeing you here,” she replied.

“Me too. Um I was wondering; did you used to know Timmy? He always got into jail.”

“Yes. How do you know him?”

“I am him. I can remember my past life.” To her shock she was not dreaming, “So you want to go steal some cats?”

“I’m four-hundred-two what do you think?”

“Wow you’re old, I guess you are too old to do it.”

“NO! That was the wrong answer, the right answer is: wow you’re young can you clarify to either yes or no or maybe? And anyway, the answer is of course yes.” At the end of her sentence a man walking his cat came by. The two of them ran over to them and got their water bottles out.

“Hey, can we pet your cat?” they asked, squirting water on their hands that were held behind their backs.

“Sure, why not.”

The two of them knelt and pet the small tabby cat, still with water on their hands. The cat sprung up into the air, its fur sticking up, making the cat look like a small orange cloud. The cat pawed at the air, like a tube man moving franticly to call in potential customers walking past. “That is enough please you will not pet my cat ever again please, or come to this mall please ever again please, I am the owner of this here cat store please, you will never come please here, or you will be taken please to jail until your family please can pick you up,” he said in a untraceable accent.

“Okay let’s go.”

“Hey, do you want to come to the mall tomorrow?” Carla asked.

“Well of course yes!”

The next day they did what they said they would do, but as they were driving down to the Kirkland mall, a car came speeding around the corner. Timmy, at the wheel, stopped quickly, but he wasn’t fast enough to stop from hitting the car.

There was a loud thud, and the car spun out of control. Their red Ford was just about to spin off the road and into the wall of the mall when it stopped. No one knew why the car stopped so suddenly that afternoon, and they don’t know how Carla and not Timmy survived the crash. Sirens came wailing up to them so close that it was an ear splitting whe-oo-whe-oo. Two police cars came up, and two ambulances. One of each went to Timmy and Carla, and the other two went to the other drivers. Timmy was put into the ambulance first, then Carla. The two ambulances driving together made a loud, terrifying noise that Carla will never forget.

Carla woke up in the hospital on a white bed wearing a white robe. The room was white and so was the kind looking nurse who was smiling down at Carla, laying in an uncomfortable position on the white bed in the white room next to the white nurse. “I’m glad to see you are up,” the kind looking nurse said to her in a kind, soft voice. She had white hair and was wearing a white uniform. All this blended together so all she could see was a white blob.

“Where am I? Why is everything white? Where is Timmy? Is he okay? Why does my head hurt? Who are you? Why are you standing by my bed? What happened? Why does-”

The all white nurse cut her off, “You are in the hospital. It is called the red and white hospital and you are in one of the white rooms. Timmy is dead. He is dead. You were in a car crash. I am Jennifer. I am a nurse. You got into a car accident,” she answered all of her questions and sadly, gave all the correct answers to the questions.


“Is dead sweetheart get over it, you can’t live forever, it was a miracle that you survived this.”

Some doctors do say it was a miracle, and some say it was magic. At that moment Carla knew what it was. Living forever with Timmy was a much better way to live forever than without him.